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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life!


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.15.26 AMThis week on The Quantum Shift TV, discover the cause for brain chemistry imbalances. What simple things you can do so you don’t experience or continue to experience depression.

And, did you know that your energy has an effect on your brain? Find out how, today, on The Quantum Shift TV.

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6 thoughts on “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life!

  1. Another powerful presentation and your speaking about our dear Robin touches us all. I love the colour as it is a very healing environment.

    • Hi Margi,

      Thank you for your feedback! Yes, we will all miss Robin Williams, however, we are all connected in the field.

      With open possibilities and beingness,

  2. Thank you, Joshua, for this interesting information.
    I love the Aura opening exercise. I never realised how frequently I pull back, thereby actually adding to my fatigue and energy problems. I do your stress release daily and that has helped my brain fog, fatigue and anxiety about time constraints.
    By the way, the make-up looks fine. i wouldn’t have noticed it if you had not pointed it out. You look fine without it too. Have a great week. x

    • Hi Christine,

      Good noticing! I am so thrilled that my show is helping you. Thank you for letting me know …. about the makeup too!

      With connection,

    • Thank you Srilakshmi,

      I do strive to give you everything I can to help you succeed in your life.


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