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Strategies DON’T Permanently Shift Your Stress, BUT Quantum Does!


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.15.26 AMThis week on The Quantum Shift TV, find out if meditation is good, bad, harmful, helpful or what?! Learn why strategies don’t work, and how Quantum Energy Transformation™ helps you work at the higher levels, for deep and profound change.

And, what if you could shift your stress at the blink of an eye? Find out right now, on The Quantum Shift TV.


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2 thoughts on “Strategies DON’T Permanently Shift Your Stress, BUT Quantum Does!

  1. Hi joshua you have given me good information i heard about unconditional love since my child hood am trying to apply but not able could you please help me if you have any course in that area i am very much interested to do that. Really this presentation helped me out how I can expand more. Wonderful presentation especially Model of life chart is amazing as i was busy couldn’t watch your videos today i have completely made my day to watch all your programs on Quantum shift TV thanks for most valuable information and presentation I really appreciate your interest in helping people with tips and breathing. Excellent Work……….. I love your enthusiasm level when you speak .

    • Hi Srilakshmi,

      Yes, I do have a program as you know will really help you. Vera told me that you have connected with her and will be taking my Come to The Edge! program. I welcome you! This program will help you transform yourself to become the person you are capable of becoming.

      With amazing possibilities,

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